About Skell inc.

SKELL INC. A Killer Company

SKELL INC. is a start up company founded by the artist Lorenzo Maggiore as a vehicle to bring his creations to commercial life. SKELL INC. is constantly in the process of developing other interesting products in the near future on other planets.

The initial product offering of SKELL INC. is the BUG-A-SALT™ insect eradication device, an invention originally proto-typed all the way back in 1994.  Through the help of family and friends, Lorenzo finally pulled it off in 2012 when the BUG-A-SALT launched via crowd-funding.    Brief recap of the product launch and major milestones below.

- After working on the BUG-A-SALT for decades, in 2012, Lorenzo is "officially" granted an "Official Patent of Invention".

- May 2012, Lorenzo created a BUG-A-SALT video telling the story of his journey.  

- July 2012, the BUG-A-SALT pre-sale launched on Indiegogo.com crowd-funding site.

- The BUG-A-SALT video posted on YOUTUBE and quickly went viral attracting press, bloggers, and customers worldwide. 

- October 2012, The Wall Street Journal ran a front page article featuring the BUG-A-SALT and Lorenzo.  

- By the end of 2012, Lorenzo took orders for over 20,000 units and raised over $577,000 via pre-sales.


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Michael Kofsky dropped by from the Wall Street Journal to see the Bug-A-Salt headquarters and see the Original Salt Gun live in action. We had a great time shooting any insect we could find, although that is not a difficult task when you breed flies. Here is a short excerpt from the article:

"At the Port of Los Angeles, a shipping container holds new weapons in man's battle against one of his oldest adversaries: Musca domestica—the housefly.

The mastermind behind this arsenal is Lorenzo Maggiore, an eighth-grade dropout turned artist who makes an unlikely merchant of death. The sinewy 51-year-old, who favors cargo shorts and wraparound sunglasses, is a surfer and yoga practitioner who speaks in a distinctly Southern California patois.

But when it comes to winged invaders, Mr. Maggiore is no peacenik: He is the creator of a plastic, pump-action shotgun that blasts pests with table salt—he calls it the Bug-a-Salt. While flies are his personal bugaboo, he says the weapon is lethal against mosquitoes, spiders and all sorts of irksome insects."

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