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Veteran's Day Sale
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Veteran's Day Sale
10% OFF All Buddy Deals - CODE: VETERAN18 - Sale Ends 11/16
10% of Sales to be donated to Wound Warriors Family Support

Wholesale & Distribution Information

What is the Bug-A-Salt?

The Bug-A-Salt is a miniature plastic shotgun that kills flies using common table salt. Check out the video below to see it in action!


Is the product dangerous? Why salt?

No, if used properly. Do not shoot anyone in face or eyes. Treat it with respect like any firearm. It will not penetrate skin or damage furniture. Salt is lethal to the common house fly, killing it whole with no mess for easy clean-up.

What is the accuracy range of the gun?

Within 3 feet is ideal. Practice accuracy by shooting aluminum foil to see salt spray pattern.

Does the Bug-A-Salt work outside?

Yes, Many of our customers have mentioned the success when using the Bug-A-Salt around their homes, barnes, campfires, BBQ's, and even at a wedding. 

How many shots before I need to reload?

The gun holds 50 shots.


Ordering & Pricing

What is the minimum order quantity to be eligible for whole sale? 

The minimum order quantity is 24 units.

What is the maximum number of guns I can order?

7,086 units. 

How are the guns packaged?

There are six guns per case.

What are the dimensions for a case?

22 7/8 x 17 1/8 x 8 1/2  

14.3 lbs 

What is the dimensions for a full pallet?

There are 144 units per pallet

24 cases (343.2 lbs)

48in x  40in x 59in



What type of shipping carriers do you use? 

USPS, Fed Ex & UPS

How long will it take for me to receive the guns?

The wait time will vary based on your location. We use standard ground shipping and you will typically receive your order 5-8 business days after your order is processed.

Will I be able to track my order?

Yes, You will receive a confirmation email with tracking after your order ships. 



What if I sell a gun and a customer returns it to me broken?

We provide a 30 day warranty to replace all defective units. We ask that you keep an organized record of your sales.  We will send the customer a new unit if you get a return within 30 days of purchase and can provide proof of the sale. You will need to send the broken gun to our California office:

2401 Lincoln Blvd., Suite C Santa Monica CA 90405

Click the link for more information on our Terms & Conditions. 

What if I receive a unit damaged in transit?

You have 14 days after the units have been received to return any defective units. We will replace the defective with a brand new one. 


Additional Questions

Do you offer exclusivity?

We do not offer any exclusivity to whole sellers. 

Do my customers have to be adults to purchase the gun?

Yes, Customers must be at least 18 years old to purchase.