Stuck or Clogged Salt Pin Troubleshooting

The salt pin in your gun may become stuck/sticky. This is easy to fix. You will know this is your problem if the gun is cocked and the salt pin does not move up and down freely. You can test this by emptying the salt from the hopper, cocking gun, and pressing the pin with your finger.

  1. Empty all salt from the hopper (shake it and bang against your hand to dislodge grains that may be stuck).
  2. Drip a few drops/trickle of hot water (not boiling) into the salt hopper in order to dissolve the residue.
  3. Let the gun rest for a couple of minutes (leave sitting/still) and then repeat as needed until pin pops up.
  4. Once you are able to fire the gun (several times in a row while its still wet/salt-free), you are almost done!
  5. The last step is to thoroughly dry out your BUG-A-SALT before putting salt back in. We’ve had good luck using a hairdryer to speed up the drying process. Leaving your BUG-A-SALT outside in the sun (for an afternoon) is another good option.

    If you don't have time for the drying technique, we recommend allowing at least 48 hours for your salt hopper to dry before loading it back up with Salt. If you leave your gun in a cold damp place, like your garage or basement, it may take even longer to dry out!

    If you live in an area with high humidity, the salt may clump up quickly, resulting in a clogged salt pin. We suggest that you do not store salt within the hopper when the gun is not being used.


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